About Us
From Mount Rushmore to the Windy City.....

Kathryn and daughter Gretchen have been active in AKC
conformation and obedience events with their shelties since 2001.  
About Kathryn

Kathryn fell in love with the breed as a child when she saw her first
sheltie at Mount Rushmore.  From then on she vowed to have a
sheltie some day.  That dream was realized when she acquired her
first sheltie while in graduate school in Dallas.  Minos Sweet
Caroline (Caroline) was a retired girl and the dam of one
champion.  She helped Kathryn learn to appreciate a truly beautiful  
and well-bred sheltie.  A marriage, several moves, and raising a  
family kept Kathryn's dreams of becoming active in the breed at bay
for a time, but when daughter Gretchen became interested in the
dog world, pursuing AKC conformation became not only a dream
but a reality and a family hobby as well.

Kathryn is primarily involved in conformation events.  She is an AKC
Breeder of Merit, is a
n active member of the American Shetland
Sheepdog Association (ASSA)
where she serves on the Board of
Directors and
serves as the Futurity Chairman for the ASSA
. Locally, she is a member of the Interlocking Shetland
Sheepdog Club of Monee
and currently serves as President.
About Gretchen

Gretchen has always had an animal around.  She caught the
competition bug when she started dog training in 4H as a grade
schooler.  She moved on to AKC training and competition and has
done well with her performance dog "Marco" (Wind Dancer Mark'o
Integrity CD).  Gretchen recently completed her biomedical
engineering degree at Washington University in St Louis and her
graduate degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics at UT Southwestern
in Dallas.  She is still an active consultant in our breeding program
here at Rushwind.
Rushwind Shelties