Rushwind's first litter of puppies - 2001
Rushwind is a small hobby kennel that raises an occasional litter of puppies.  Each litter is
carefully planned and anticipated.  The goal of each litter is to produce healthy sheltie
puppies that are as close to the AKC sheltie standard as possible. Rushwind puppies are
from parents that are tested for hip dysplasia, vWD, thyroid, MDR1,
DMS and eye
  Each time we breed, we hope for the ultimate goal of having an all-champion

Puppies are watched closely during their first weeks with us for growth rates, temperament
development and conformation.  We fully socialize each litter to a variety of stimuli,
preparing them for their future lives in show, agility, obedience, and companion homes.  
Determination of "show potential" does not occur until the puppies are 7-8 weeks of age or
later.  No puppies will be "promised" to companion homes before that time and no puppy is
sold or promised until a sales contract is written and signed and a deposit is accepted.

As much as we'd like that "all champion" litter, that has not yet occurred. Typically, over half
of the puppies from each litter are placed in companion homes.  We approve homes, not on
a "first-come, first-served" basis, but on the best fit for each individual puppy.  We
appreciate inquiries and the chance to get to know our future extended sheltie family prior
to the puppy visit which may occur after the puppies are old enough to be social - around
6-7 weeks of age.  Puppies placed in companion homes are sold on AKC limited registration.
We require that we meet all potential buyers in person.  We do not ship or sell puppies over
the intranet.

Please see our
"Available" page for adults and puppies that may be currently available.
Three Rushwind sheltie puppies out of our lovely Tara at eight weeks of age
Current litters:
We have sable and tri puppies from April/May litters.  See our "Available"
page for show and companion puppies offered for sale at this time.